Meet our Amazing Climators from 2022

Project : Restoration of Eco-system of Butterflies

Team Butterfly Buddies

Ananya Shah, Ahmedabad

It is our responsibility towards mother nature to save our Earth

Kavan Thaker, Ahmedabad

I want to create a better and greener enviornment for every living being

Sarthak Joshi, Ahmedabad

I am an environment conservator. With my knowledge, I would like to make a small difference to this world and conserve nature.

Deveshi Vora, Ahmedabad

A Clean Environment Is Essential for Healthy Living

Project : Turning Kitchen waste into Kitchen Garden

Team Kitchen Waste to Kitchen Garden

Aditya, Patna

I want to make a valuable solution of local garbage problem, which is being created by KITCHEN WASTE mostly.

Anshika Rani, Patna

I want to learn more about environment, causes of pollution and methodology to minimize the risk of climate change.

Swarnim Joshua, Patna

I have keen interest in environment protection. This platform gave me an opportunity to learn more about Environment protection

Project : Minimizing water wastage from household water purifiers through reuse

Team – The Water Savior Crew

Simar Agarwal, Gurgaon

I think it is very important that for the next few years the environment needs to be actively conserved, or it will no longer be habitable.

Amishi Agarwal, Gurgaon

We should all contribute towards environmental endeavour and should save water as much as we can .

Aarav Agarwal, Gurgaon

I think we are the generation that should think about our environment before ourself.

Project : Reuse and Recycling of thermocol waste

Team PVP Environmental Solutions

Shreyaspranav, Chennai

We teamed with our classmate to stop the pollution of packaging materials

Shreyapoorani, Chennai

We teamed with our classmate to stop the pollution of packaging materials

Vasumathi, Chennai

I love to see the green plants and trees around me and breathe fresh air. Hence, I wanted to give our contribution to reduce pollution.

Project : Recycling of plastic waste

Team Eco-Trio

Keshav Krishna, Chennai

If every one of us takes ownership to create a healthy environment, on a large scale we can make our earth a better place to live.

Shreehari, Chennai

I believe all living organisms have an equal opportunity to live on this beautiful planet. I want to make my house / neighborhood segregate waste for safe disposal as a routine

Akshath, Chennai

We must live in harmony with nature by practicing good ecofriendly habits. We must also be conscious of our deeds and embrace a simple living

Project : Paper recycling in their neighborhoods

Team Weather Warriors

Shriya Kannan, Chennai

There is no plan(et) B and we must do our best to save Earth while we can.

Harish, Chennai

I am interested in saving the environment because it has provided everything we need, and we should pay it back as well..

Rushil Chandrasekar, Chennai

I like the Ocean a lot and I want to be an Ocean Explorer