• My parents are not using cloth bags to buy groceries!
  • My elder brother leaves the lights of his room switched on!
  • My next-door uncle mixes all the garbage while dumping!

Do you feel they should change their behaviour? Do you think you can help them?

Join the Climator League to build a better community that cares for environment – with your friends and with lot of fun!

The Climator League (TCL) is a league of next-generation kids – the Climatorswho care for the environment, and are bringing change through their power of curiosity and empathy.

Designed as a 3-month fun-filled game, the Climators identify environment-related challenges in their communities, and design solutions under guidance from our Climentors – mentors who are passionate about climate!

The Climators are provided ongoing support to implement their ideas by engaging with their community members. And the best Climators are acknowledged at the US Consulate, Mumbai!

How Do You Join The TCL Journey


Look for a problem at your home, in your building or society. Build a team of your friends and think of solutions. Apply with your ideas.


Build your ideas under the guidance of our Climentors. Learn new skills through online and offline sessions. Create a plan and set goals.


Start implementing your idea. Get financial and mentorship support. Engage with other Climators. Track your goals.

Climate Coin is a digital currency that will help you build your ship and sail through the oceans of the game. 

  • Earn Climate Coins on your way as you keep achieving your goals
  • Exchange Climate Coins with others in return for services
  • Use your Climate Coins when you become a member of the TCL


Learn new skills and grow

Curated skill-building sessions on 21st century skills by trained professionals.

Exposure to ‘Green Career’

Understand the emerging green jobs sector through interactive sessions with green professionals.

Visit to the US Consulate, Mumbai

Opportunity to be acknowledged at the US Consulate, Mumbai.

Lifelong membership to TCL

Become a member of the League forever, stay connected to the network, and access to opportunities.

Climator Shashtra

A well-designed graphical tool kit, designed by our mentors, that enables you to become an Environment Champion in your community. What do you get in the Shashtra –

  • A series of ideas that you can implement with your family and friends, while having fun!
  • Knowledge on environment-friendly actions like waste management and recycling
  • A set of habit-building daily activities that you can follow to become a Climator
  • Exposure to opportunities in ‘green career’

21st Century Skills

When you become a Climator, your mentors will work with you to build your life skills. The mentors have identified key skills, which will be shared with you through online & offline sessions and a time-tested Design Thinking approach.

  • Skills – Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Social, Leadership, Decision-making and other such skills
  • 4-5 online & offline sessions by mentors on skill-building
  • One-on-one session to convert ideas into plans
  • Follow-up sessions with mentors




Simar Agarwal


Deveshi Vora


Shriya Kannan



Sheetal Chavan

Pricing Lead, Zalando

Shruti Bhargava

Sales & Marketing Professional

Avishma Matta

Independent Consultant

Vidushi Kamani

Core Team- Head of Markets



St. John’s Universal School, Goregaon West, Mumbai

Powai English High School, Mumbai

SCD Barfiwalla High School, Andheri, Mumbai

Harshad Walia International School, Andheri, Mumbai

Pawar Public School, Dombivali, Mumbai

Golden Jubillee School, Pune

Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about The Climator League. If you have any other questions or for more information, please contact ask@climatorleague.com.

If you care for nature, you are already a part of The Climator League. Because you have the spirit of a true Climator. So that we don’t miss you, just apply and submit the forms. Go to Apply Now.

Do you switch off the lights when not in use? Do you put the garbage in the bins? Do you like growing plants and trees? Do you love playing with your friends? Do you like doing something new every day? Do you love your building and society? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are the Climator we are looking for. What else – you just need to be studying in Grade 6 or upward. Go to Apply Now.

Just find someone who is as passionate as you are for the environment, and who is living close to you – your building or society – so that you can work with him / her. A minimum of 3 members and maximum of 5 members are allowed in the team.

First of all, no exams, no scores, no assignments. All you have to do is to have fun with your friends, learn new things, and implement your ideas. And keep on sharing with us. That’s it! If you want to know more, check out the projects of our previous Climators here.

You will get mentorship support from the Climentors. They will guide you for implementing your ideas. You will get an opportunity to engage with other Climators too. We will help you track your goals through this online group. We will do whatever is possible to take you to the finishing line! But you need to start.

You will get an opportunity to visit the US Consulate in Mumbai. Yay! That’s not enough? Okay, you will also get certificates of participation. You will learn new skills and a toolkit called Climator Shashtra. And finally, a lifelong membership to The Climator League. It’s soon going to be a global league. So, it’s better you join it now!

There is no fees for the program. It’s all free!