The registrations for the program are closed!


  • You must be studying in Class 6 or higher (till Class 12).  (Don’t worry if you are not going to a school or you are older, you can still participate. Write to us)
  • You should have access to at least one device (smartphone, laptop or computer) and internet as most of the program is online. (Don’t worry if you don’t have a device or internet, you can always borrow from others.)

If you feel you are eligible, go ahead and apply now.

And if you feel you are not eligible, yet want to become a part of the League, write to us at

Selection Criteria

We are looking for Climators –

  • Who love to spend time in nature; 
  • Who desire to make their homes, societies, and mohalla a clean and better place; 
  • Who enjoy working with friends on something new every day; 
  • Who are eager to learn new things and implement them; and
  • Who are keen to share stories with others in their building or society, and with the world!

Do you think you are one of them? Go ahead, apply now.

Application Process

Stage 1 – Tell us who you are

The first stage is extremely simple. All you need to do is to register and tell us about yourself. The registration form is provided below.

As soon as you register, you will be invited for the Stage 2, for which you will be given 2-week time.

Read the eligibility carefully before applying for the program.

Stage 2- Build a team, Identify a problem and Design solution (BID)

In Stage 2, you will first build a team (maximum 5 members in one team). And then as a team identify a problem in your building, society or mohalla. We will ask you to submit photos or videos of the problem that you have identified. Then, sit together with your team to design a solution. And submit it. You are done!

You will be given 2-week time to finish the Stage 2. At the end, you will receive 100 climate coins!

Program Fees

There is no program fees. It’s all free!

The registrations for the program are closed!